Best new telugu movies and shows to watch in this pandemic

Best new telugu movies and shows to watch in this pandemic

There are many super hit movies and shows this year and all of them are from Aha, that’s the most noticeable thing. As you unquestionably understand, Aha has got all the class of movies, and one of those is stunning movies. The most acclaimed appealing films of telugu diversion world are here. It’s a one stop objective for all the worship and wistful movies. You can value noticing all different sorts of films from the star cast. You will appreciate the second minutes are really huge and receiving a charge in return is moreover critical. Best recent Telugu movies online cheerfully on Aha. Aha Videos are super fun and learning too.

Colour Photo:

Colour Photo is a super hit film in OTT. It’s another hit which was heart reaching. It’s a little with a somewhat cast. This film is a fantastic sentimental story of Jai Krishna and Deepthi. This film is an unbelievable outline of how to oversee bigotry and what is the current situation of concealing partition in india. How skin tone expects a huge part in the accomplishment of warmth. You will like the veneration between these two feathered animals. It’s staggering to see how they like these little minutes. Nevertheless, incredibly regardless of the way that they need to fight it out, this normal family issue and overpowering characters doesn’t not permit them to continue with their life and execute the veneration. Indisputably it’s a heartbreaking sentimental story, anyway you will esteem it.


A level out enjoyment to eyes is OreyBujjiga, this film has any sort of impact in your derivation cycle on warmth. It’s fairly bewildering while simultaneously noticing anyway undeniably a charming film to watch. Thusly, this is a sentimental story of Bujji and Krishnaveni, they don’t comprehend who they are in the town anyway they go to the city with some circumstance and offer fake to each other and turn out to be miserably enchanted as swathi and sreenu. Sreenu is fun and moreover a cautious person. Krishnaveni is an extreme and quick person. This is about how Sreenu and Swathi experience energetic affections and how their families get included.


Masti’s isn’t a film yet a series that everyone should watch. This series incorporates various strong characters. It depicts the whole life and his including under pressure of veneration, calling, singular life, differentiation to say the least. This course of action occurs in a restaurant bar called Masti’s which was gifted by Pranav to his sweetheart companion Gauri on their marriage recognition. Anand Raju capacities as a chief there and he surrenders to Lekha yet there is a discussion here. Tanya is a paid craftsman in Masti’s. You will like these superb energizing twists in the street in masti’s. Their sentimental story allows you an everyday presence practice which is a strong message. Each move you make positively will have a strong reaction and this film is an indisputable model for it.

Best Movies to watch online is a fun thing to do in a pandemic. Aha videos are amazing and fun.

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