Day: July 7, 2021

Get Known To Benefits Of Dried Mulberry Singapore?

The production of berries is done by mulberry trees which are enjoyed all over the world. It is super rich in minerals and vitamins. It also contains compounds of powerful plants, especially in dried mulberry singapore.

It all has umpteenth health benefits. It also acts as a traditional medicine for uncountable disorders. The dried mulberry singapore is highly nutritious.

The presence of compounds like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, zinc makes it more valuable.


Although it is quite a daunting task to ascertain all of its beneficial properties at once. The nutritional value it constitutes heals the majority of the disorders. For better taste, you can also mix them with porridge and salads.  Here are some of the benefits:

dried mulberry singapore

  • Prevention of cancer.
  • Increases life span.
  • Strengthen the kidneys.
  • Blood Tonic.
  • Cleanses the liver.
  • Cures Constipation.
  • Reduces hair fall.
  • Improves hearing and eye vision.
  • Natural medicine for anaemia.
  • Treats cold and flu.

Nutritional Value of dried mulberry:

Dried mulberries constitute approximately 88% of water and you will only consume 60 calories per cup which is 140 grams. They have a composition of 9.8% carbs, 0.4% fat, 1.4% protein and 1.7% fibre.

They are always compared to raisins. They also constitute a high amount of protein just like berries. The fibres present in mulberries are soluble by 25% in the form of pectin.

They are also insoluble by 75% in the form of lignin. Fibre is significant since it helps you maintain a healthy digestive system, it decreases your level of cholesterol and it actively does the reduction of so many potential disorders.

The presence of anthocyanin in them provides benefits against heart diseases. They are often purple, black or red due to this compound. The presence of chlorogenic acid also makes it more advantageous.

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